Chocolate Energy -- How awesome is that?!

What is a Turbo Truffle?

What do you get when you combine your favorite flavors with caffeine and chocolate? You get Turbo Truffles, an energy-boosting treat you can enjoy any time, anywhere.

Turbo Truffles have been powering people for over 17 years! We carefully craft Turbo Truffles to be the perfect mix of delightful chocolate, energizing caffeine, and some of the most awesome flavors you can imagine.

8 Fantastic Flavors!

Available in 8 flavors, Turbo Truffles will surprise your senses and please your palette. Choose from Coffee Craze, Cosmic Coconut, Hot Rod Hazelnut, Chocolate Mint Madness, Outrageous Orange, Peanut Butter Blast, Racing Raspberry, or Toffee Tornado. Got a favorite flavor? Send us your suggestion!

150mg Caffeine

Each Turbo Truffle packs 150mg of caffeine, so you’ll be able to refuel up to three times per day for less than the cost a daily coffee. If you’re used to buying two or three cups per day, you’re going to save some serious dinero.

Q & A

How do you get moving in the morning? Turbo Truffle

How do you beat the mid-afternoon energy drop? Turbo Truffle

How do you make sure you have energy after work? Turbo Truffle

How do Turbo Truffles help workouts? A little exercise always feels good, and with a Turbo Truffle, you’ll have the energy you need.

How do Turbo Truffles help Seniors? You’ll have more energy for dancing, among other things.

How are Turbo Truffles good for extreme athletes? Caffeine is shown to be a great stimulant for exercise.

Are Turbo Truffles really all that?

Turbo Truffles really are that great because we source great ingredients, including rich chocolate and awesome flavors, and we care about our customers. Putting good stuff in your body is a great way to enjoy life.


Check out our comparison of Turbo Truffles, a leading energy shot and a leading espresso drink. It’s pretty easy to see that Turbo Truffles are designed to be good for your body, your wallet, as well as being the most convenient energy available.

How do Turbo Truffles work?

While your taste buds are thanking you, your body is catching the same amount of caffeine you would get in a cup of coffee, all in the convenience of a blissful bite-size energy chocolate. No standing in line— just open, eat and feel the boost that will get you through that sleepy part of your day.

How do people use Turbo Truffles?

Our customers include endurance athletes, office workers, gamers, college students, truck drivers, graveyard shifters, writers, workaholics, business executives, seniors, parents, and average joes and janes. If you need a quick pick-up that lasts 4-5 hours, Turbo Truffles are made just for you. Note that Turbo Truffles are not for kids!

Here in the office, we enjoy a Turbo Truffle in the morning, one in the afternoon to get us through that post-lunch lull, and one to give a little boost at the end of the day. Any time you need to be alert, Turbo Truffles are just the ticket.

Suggested Use 1

You wake up feeling groggy, still in a half-dream state, stumble to the kitchen, clean, dress, hit the freeway where you are treated to a lovely traffic jam. Now’s the time to open your flavor du jour (flavor of the day) Turbo Truffle, pop it in and taste a little bliss. You’ll arrive at work feeling awesome.

Suggested Use 2

You sit through another boring meeting, eyelids propped up with toothpicks, seeing but not really hearing what’s being said, waiting — no praying — for the meeting to end so you can open that top drawer and enjoy an afternoon boost of energy that will help you not just survive another four hours at the office, but actually kick ass for the rest of the day.

Suggested Use 3

Back on the road home now, with your dog or kids or wife waiting for you to bring a little joy to the end of their day, or the other way around. One Turbo Truffle will give you the boost you need to bring it on!