Turbo Truffle was born 19 years ago when we were the first company ever to blend a healthy measure of caffeine in chocolate. It was the original and very first caffeinated confection on the planet! Since then, Turbo Truffles have become a favorite energy boost people everywhere love.

Turbo Truffle beats the leading energy shot and a leading espresso drink, hands down. When you compare net energy, sweeteners, convenience and cost, it’s easy to see the awesome value of Turbo Truffles — You will save $1,825 per year! (And you’ll love the taste!)

Facts Turbo Truffle Leading Latte Energy Shot
Caffeine 150mg 75-150mg 138mg
Calories 48 calories 190 calories 4 calories
Preservatives None None Potassium Sorbate,
Sodium Benzoate
Sweeteners sugar, invert sugar none L-Phenylalanine* (a derivative
of e-coli bacteria), Sucralose**
(a chlorocarbon, contains the
carcinogen Chlorine)
Flavor Awesome! Coffee and cow lactate Could be better…
Annual Cost*** $365 (save $1,825 per yr) $2,190 $2,182
Price per Serving 50 cents! $3.00 $2.99
Save & Enjoy! Buy!
***Savings based on 2 servings per day. Savings on 3 servings per day is $2,737.50.

Turbo Truffle was the brainchild of two Seattle workaholic caffeine addicts, crazed with the challenge of combining chocolate, caffeine and great flavors for caffeine and chocolate lovers everywhere.

It all began when a splash of coffee graced Hanz Lammersdorf’s surprised lap in the car one morning, and an idea was born: Convenience should trump liquidity, and flavor would outdo them both. The caffeine kick would feel more awesome than the daily cup, there would be no more splashing coffee, and he would never again burn his tongue on burnt coffee from heretofore.

Coffee Craze flavored Turbo Truffle was born that day. A week later, Chocolate Mint Madness graced the world. One by one, eight flavors in all rolled out without ever splashing themselves upon anyone’s lap. The rest is super-awesome, energy-filled caffeine history.

You can get your own daily caffeine inspiration right here.

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Quality Statement

Turbo Truffle guarantees the quality of its products. Our commitment to you the customer is our highest priority. We source quality ingredients and use safe manufacturing standards.

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